What Would Ryan Stasik Say…..

While at Scamp this year, I brainstormed a few ridiculous questions to shoot by a few of the Umphrey’s McGee members to keep them on their toes and hopefully get some juicy, fun facts from the band. Here’s what I found out for all of you Umfreaks and for you moe-rons, stay tuned for the finale at the bottom! This photo really sums it all up:

umcrotchSo I posed the question to bassist Ryan Stasik of Umphrey’s McGee: “If you had to describe yourself in one song which song would it be and why?” His answer: “Smooth Operator” by Sade along with the quippy remark, “Do I really need to explain why?” Ohhh mister Stasik knows he’s a sexy moustached stallion. Who would have thought?

With a blush and a smirk I rambled off my next question: “If you were invisible and could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?” Stasik firmly retorted, “Well how old would I be” to which I replied, “You can be as old as you want.” He grinned and looked up for a minute then shot back at me, “Well I would be 18 years old and I would hang out in a girl’s locker room at the hot yoga studio.” Whew. Well we see where your mind is at buddy. And after walking around to a fan who bought a ticket for the Umphrey’s Picnic and was sitting in the barn enjoying a sandwich out of their newly prized Umphrey’s lunchbox, I saw the photo above. With iphones snapping like an MTV red carpet event, the photo certainly took a few UM fans by surprise. Yes, V is for Vagina. Thanks for that gem :)

Later on in the VIP tent where Summer Camp so amazingly put together meet and greets with some of the big boys at camp this year, I ran into Rob Derhak, bassist and vocalist for moe. When I asked him where he would go if he were invisible and why, he gave me a much more sophisticated response- “Well I would go to the White House of course and dig around for a bit.”

There you have it friends- the short and skinny on the thoughts of Stasik and Derhak. Whew, now we can all rest easy. More to come. Stay tuned….