An Interview with Laser Guided Visions, Makers of Hologram Art

Laser Guided Visions is a vendor you just might see at every music festival you go to. They specialize in hologram art in the form of posters, business cards, and even wearable accessories.  Basically, they bring 3D interactive art to clothing so you can showcase these awesome designs everywhere you go.

Hologram Hat!My favorite hologram accessory is the flat brim hat that features the amazing art of Luke Brown or Alex Grey.  The artwork is converted to a hologram format and is then attached to a custom designed Grassroots hat.  The hologram gives these hats a very unique psychedelic aesthetic unlike any other hat out there.

You can visit their website for more information on where to find more hologram art at .

Since last summer I have been noticing these holograms everywhere I go and I wanted to investigate a little further.  I was able to talk with Raja, the man behind the holograms, at Summer Camp 2013.  Check out the video…it is HYSTERICAL!!!