Thursday May 23rd at SCAMP!


The beginning of the first day at Summer Camp is always nerve racking but extremely exciting at the same time. It’s mostly because if you’re the first at your camping spot, you’re spending most of your day waiting for your friends to get there while you reserve their tent spaces before your neighbors invade their future spots. This year, I camped in the exact same spot as last year which was on the Moonshine tree line. The first friend to show up was our friend Laura from Wisconsin who was one of our neighbors who we met last year. I was so surprised to see her since it had been a year and I didn’t know when she would be arriving to the spot! This year she brought along her friends Mindy and Ronnie from Minnesota. Here’s a pic below of Laura, Mindy and I at our camp.


The rest of the time I waited for the rest of my STL friends and then helped them get set up. Once we were finally set up and had dinner, we headed out to some shows. We hit up Digital Tape Machine and DJ SOLO. Then I chugged a coffee so I could make it to one of my favorite band’s late set at the campfire stage, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band! It was a foot stompin’ blues-rockin’ good ‘ol time! The played several great songs such as “Clap Your Hands”, “Sure Feels Like Rain”, and “Mama’s Fried Potatoes”. It was amazing! I was so beat afterwards that as soon as we got to our camp, I passed out. I had to make sure I would make it somehow to their second set in 7 hours!

Here’s some pic from Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

SDC11923 SDC11925