Funny Scamp Memories : Shoelaces

Friday night walking to the first Umphreys set I saw my shoes came untied. Since I was excited to get to the show I made the rash decision to wait and tie it once I got there (I like to live on the edge). A little later down the trail I ran into a group of girls that I started to chat with. It wasn’t long at all before they noticed my shoestrings and decided they needed to inform me of my situation, like i couldn’t see it. So sarcastically I tell them that I never learned to tie my shoes. I said that I thought shoestrings were just a fad and eventually everyone will move to Velcro. Velcro is obviously the better choice. These girls ate it up, the closest one bent down and tied my shoes for me while reciting, “See? You do the loop d loop and pull.” I just stood there flabbergasted. Never in my life have I witnessed such kindness paired with such cluelessness. I never even ended up coming clean about it. I think she must have figured it out by now though….right? The story would be so much more funny if she found out by reading this. I hope you are reading this shoe tying girl from Louisiana .