So much music, so little time!

Friday was way to much fun. Woke up with an early morning bite to eat. The birds were chirping, the sky was blue, and all I could think about was Moe playing at 2! So after we had made our way back to the campsite and i had a quick change of clothes we decided to go do a little wondering around and find some people to hang out with.

2:00 rolled around pretty quickly, so we headed over to Moe. Thousands and thousands of people came in all different directions came flooding in before the first guitar riffs were firing up. Kyle came out on stage to announce the first Moe set of scamp and then the place got wild.

After Moe, we went back to the campsite to make a few adjustments before heading off to the wailers. Good jams even better times. So much funky reggae everywhere it was quite a site

Unfortunately, I had to pass on yonder this year because I lost track of time inside all of the fun we were having and just totally forgot all about it. We ended up walking around till about 8 when we started to head over for EOTO. A few people who have never heard of them before asked me what the show was going to be like. I couldn’t answer them because each EOTO concert is different than the last. Everything is just open jam an I just couldnt tell them what to expect except awesomeness.

Umphrey’s, Minnesota, to tribe oh my. Always moving forward never slowing down. Music, music everywhere. Always pushing forward and have the time of my life.

Big G was one of the best sets of the night. It was super loud and hype but was comfortable chill. Makes sense huh?

After everything was done we jumped around a lot going from tent to tent, through tons of trails running into people and objects all night. I would have to say that Friday was a total success and cant wait to see how my Saturday goes.

Until next time guys and girls, stay scampy!!