Scamp Saturday Recap

Saturday started to remind me of the monsoon that came through a couple years ago pretty early in the morning. The rain was coming down and the paths were turning into slip and slides. But the ponchos came out and life moved on. And what a life it was! Saturday’s line-up was off the hook and the scheduled late night of STS9 and Big Grizmatik had people roaming the paths looking for extra late night tickets all day long. Luckily…I already had tickets! But first…

Allie Kral

The first show I actually saw was the Cornmeal show. One of my favorite bands. I’ve been going to shows for nearly 10 years as I went to school on the north side of Chicago. This set was a must see as Allie Kral (the awesome chick on the fiddle) will soon be moving on. There’s no way to tell how many more times anyone will get to see this particular group together and I’m glad I had one more chance.

I took shelter after cornmeal until KDTU, who I wish was at Summer Camp every year. Then another break to get rested for the 3 – 4 hours that I long for ALL YEAR LONG. Umphrey’s Mcgee > Moe. > Umphrey’s Mcgee > Moe. ┬áThis epic back and forth between Moe. and Umphrey’s is in my opinion one of the biggest things that sets Summer Camp apart from the rest. Moe. and UM have been on 10 straight Summer Camp lineups together and it gets better every year. Summer Camp is uniquely set up that its actually possible to make it back and forth between stages for each set. Good luck doing that at Bonnaroo or ever some of the smaller Fests!

UM Saturday

Although rainy all day, it cleared up a bit at night and left the late night sets alone. This was perfect, because I needed a couple of breaks from the energetic sets taking place in the barn. With the doors closed, IT WAS HOT, shoulder to shoulder (I think a few people may have snuck in! HAHA!) and the music was even hotter. I dance hard and even when Big Gigantic has teamed up with Griz and Gramatik, sometimes you just need a break! It was nice to be able to take a break from the heat now and then and check out the Ragbirds and Floodwood on the campfire stage while I was at it.

All in all, Saturday was an amazing day. I had a poncho though…