Reflecting on Scamp

After 4 days of some of the best music of my life, it has come to an end. Looking back, I had one of the best times of my life. Sure, the weather was nasty, but there’s nothing you can do to change that. I played football growing up and I learned real quick that you just gotta play through the shitty weather. For Scamp, it was the same mindset. Are you really gonna let the rain ruin your day? I didn’t spend 6 hours in a car to come let my experience get ruined by something out of my control, so hey, I just had a good time. The weather is what it is, so you just gotta embrace it and move on. The rain turned the fields into one large mud puddle, ruining my shoes, socks, and jeans, but I worse things could have happened. For example, the music could have sucked. But the music blew my mind and that’s the only thing that matters. Looking back, here are my Top 5 performances from my weekend:

1. Trey Anastasio Band 2. The Everyone Orchestra 3. Umphrey’s McGee – Saturday 4. Umphrey’s McGee – Friday 5. Umphrey’s McGee – Sunday.

Yeah, I listed all 3 UM shows. That’s because they’re SO great. I also want to shout out Roster McCabe’s Pre-Party show on Thursday night as another great performance.

Looking back, I just wish I saw more concerts! I am bummed to admit I missed out on Sound Tribe, Yonder Mountain, Papdosio, Keller Williams, and EOTO, and also missed portions of a couple moe. and UM sets and Big Gigantic. Just too many overlapping music! Also, the camp grounds were very dark at night. Some areas were lit by hanging neon lights, why can’t they just have that all throughout? I think it’d be better if the camp grounds were also more organized into grids or squares, and section it off a little bit more so they are easier to navigate.

Although Summer Camp has come and gone, the summer is just getting started. I’m looking forward to Roster McCabe swinging through La Crosse, Wisconsin, in a couple weeks, Summerfest next month – lineup includes Tom Petty, Pretty Lights, Umphrey’s, and Dark Star Orchestra, 3 nights of Phish in July, and 2 nights of the Allman Brothers Band in August. Be on the lookout for more blogs from me from all the shows I check out the rest of the summer!