And just like that, we’re on to the last day of Summer Camp. Last night consisted of another marathon of music and good times while trekking through all the mud throughout the grounds. I saw Victor Wooten, a humbling experience, in the VIP lounge jamming with some special guests. After some dancing at Thievery Corporation, I went to check out both sets of one of my long time favorite bands, Umphrey’s McGee. A rainy first set did nothing to stop the crowd of Umphreaks dancing and raging along on the Sunshine stage. The second set featured one of my all time favorite concert moments: during the buildup of their Der Bluten Kat jam, some fans started blasting off fireworks. The band quickly got on cue and coordinated their jam, and of course Jeff Waful synchronized the lights to create a mesmerizing moment that seemed to last hours. One of the great things I’ve witnessed about Umphrey’s is their uncanny ability to just pull you in, capture your attention and consume you completely in their flow of the jam, and leave you stunned and jaw dropped. Face melting at its finest.

After Umphrey’s I was able to catch most of the second set of moe on the Moonshine stage. During this set I decided the Moonshine is most definitely the coolest stage of the three big ones here at Scamp. The slope incline of the lawn combined with the surrounding trees and hanging canopies create an intimate feeling that connects the crowd more with the band. I’m not all too familiar with many moe. songs at this point, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying every moment of the show. For the encore, as a tribute to Umphrey’s covering their Rebubula Friday night, moe. did their own take on UM’s classic tune In the Kitchen. The crowd, as did I, quickly recognized the song and loved the recognition of the co-headliners’ presence of each other. I must admit the end of the song got pretty sloppy with the ending and lyrics, but still another great moment in Summer Camp history.



Thievery Corporation at the Moonshine ^

I also made it to the premiere show of Big Grizmatik, a combination of Big Gigantic, Griz, and Gramatik all playing together in the Red Barn. The intimacy of the Red Barn is great because 1) the band realllly feeds off the crowd’s energy, and 2) it was refreshingly warm in there! Big Grizmatik played a little bit over an hour, with a few Big G songs mixed in with other DJ remixes for a constant dance frenzy.

Video: Big Grizmatik РFantastic

Looking forward to the last day now here today! Gonna for sure check out Umphrey’s final set, and I heard that guy from Phish is also playing tonight, so I’m sure I’ll see his show :P

Stay warm and stay dry, Summer Camp!