Belly flops at dawn!

3 days down and only 1 more to go!

Heres a little recap for Saturday.

Because I live so close to the festival, when I woke up, my girlfriend and I went to our house to shower and get some good eats before making our way back to Three Sisters. When we got back, we went to our campsite to get ready. Headed to Moonshine to see how funky we could get at Conspirator. Just like we thought it was pretty heady. The bass raddled my noggin like a freight train. It was super furious.

After Conspirator we headed back to the campsite to rest a little and made our way to the vibe tent for Manic Focus. We were there for about 20 minutes and realized we were about to miss Diplo back at Moonshine. We hurried over and stumbled all over in the mud.

During Diplo’s set we all got as low to the ground as possible and then BOOM, Thousands of people jumped in the air and started breaking it down. Bass.. BASS EVERYWHERE. I thought conspirator had some heavy bass but wow DIPLO layed it DOWN.

After Diplo we walked around the festival for awhile till thievery corp. Ended up forgeting about thievery corp which I was super upset about. But realized I had Griz, Umphreys, and Gramatik to go see.

After all three shows I was pretty tired and beat so we went back to the campsite and started to mess around with people. Told everyone who walked by that they dropped their pocket and some laughed some really thought they dropped their pockets and others took it a little to serious.

After the jokes, before bed we found someone that was going to do a belly flop for us by my campsite right into a giant puddle. He was a little drunk and had the balls to do it. $20 really does go a long way with some people.

Here’s the video because my words just don’t do any justice to it!

Until next time,
Happy Scamping everyone!