Sunday Funday

Sunday at Summer Camp was probably my busiest day of the weekend.  As a CIT, I had a plan to cover a ton of music at the fest along with highlighting the culture and community aspects of Camp.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I was a bit overwhelmed with all that was still left on my to do list.  I got to work right away but I still missed an awful lot of music in order to get the best material I could for future blogs and vlogs.

I started out my day by attending a talk with the band Tauk.  These guys hail from New York and this was their second Summer Camp.  This talk was basically a room of people asking the young band about their sound, influences, and how they became musicians.  It also involved them asking us questions about the music scene in the Midwest.  By the end of our talk with Tauk, I walked away with really good idea of how this young band has developed their sound and how they plan on sharing it with as many people as possible.

With Tauk in the Church

Talking with Tauk in the Church

From the church, I headed on over to the 312 Vibe Tent to drop in on the field day keg party.  I am not sure if you’ve heard the rumors but there was a renegade field day team that called themselves “Team Clear”.  I just so happened to be the team captain of Team Clear and our goal was to not show up for anything.  In fact, our motto was, “First we’re here, now we’re clear.” I got to talk with some of the other field day team captains and they thought it was hysterical!  They even let me take a picture with the field day trophy to share with the rest of my team.

Team Clear crashing the field day keg party!

Team Clear crashing the field day keg party!

The rain this year was probably the worse I have ever seen at Summer Camp.  We knew a pretty big storm was coming in Sunday afternoon so we had to get most of our videos and pictures done before before it started to rain.   My camera guy, Mike, was such a trooper as I dragged him from one end of the fest to the other, getting as many interviews, pictures, and music footage as we could.  While I was only able to catch a few songs at each stage, I still got to see Van Ghost, Lettuce, DJ Solo, and the Everyone Orchestra before the downpour began.

Lettuce at the Moonshine Stage

Lettuce at the Moonshine Stage

The Everyone Orchestra show was really something special.  Matt Butler conducts a handful of amazing artists from our favorite bands as they jam from one style of music to another, layering their sounds for a truly epic orchestrated sound.  Each musician gets to lead a jam and Butler uses a dry erase board to direct where the jam will head next.  He even gets the audience involved in order to include “everyone” in the room.  This is an exclusive show put on by Summer Camp’s Make a Difference team.  Basically, the show takes place in the Red Barn and is only offered to Campers that help with the fest’s greening initiatives.  It is also offered to those who participate in the fest’s community programs like field day and the camp counselors.

Everyone Orchestra Makes a Difference with their Red Barn Show

Everyone Orchestra Makes a Difference with their exclusive Red Barn Show

Just as we walked out of the Make a Difference show we noticed that the sky was getting a bit dark and maybe it was time to put away our equipment before it got soaked.  Mike and I were able to take refuge in the church for a bit, but then decided we weren’t going to let this rain keep us from the music we really wanted to see.  I got on my rain boots and poncho and made my way to the Camping Stage, where Tauk was raging through the rain.   After hearing their background earlier in the day, I was really excited to check this band out for the first time.  While it was obvious their drummer Isaac was soaking wet, the music was fantastic and they did a really cool cover of Immigrant Song originally by Led Zeppelin.

Tauk throwing down in the rain at the Camping Stage

Tauk raging through the rain at the Camping Stage

Sunday is the day where my whole crew likes to get wasted because we don’t want to bring any booze back home with us.  Instead, we drink as much as we can on the last day of Summer Camp.  Therefore, Sunday is usually called “Sloppy Sunday”.  Since my CIT duties took up most of my afternoon and the rain limited my ability to use my camera, my goal for the evening was to enjoy a few cocktails at the VIP Lounge, play a little slap the bag back at the campsite, see a few shows here and there, and dance my butt off!
My girl Windy and I at our favorite watering hole.

My girl Windy and I at our favorite watering hole.

When the rain finally became too much, my crew headed back to our campsite, slipped into some dry clothes, wrap ourselves up in blankets, and just kick it underneath our tarps and canopies. This was probably one of my favorite nights at Camp.  I absolutely love my Summer Camp family and I don’t get to see a lot of these folks often.  Just kicking it with my crew was much needed after running around the fest all weekend and never being at my campsite.  We talked a lot about all the awesome music they saw and I got to share all my cool CIT stories with them.  Scamp nights like that are what I live for and I can’t even begin to tell you how supportive this awesome group of friends have been through all my Camp Counselor in Training shenanigans.  They flipping RAWK!