Scamp 2013 ‘Never Frickin’ Forget’ Moments

IMG_2010Ohhh wowy wow wow! Happy Tuesday and the first day of Scamp recovery friends. I must say that today is rolling around like a haze after a utopian dream. Until I make it out of the office to give you the extended version of my weekend, I wanted to at least give you the short and scrumptious of it all:

A quickie to get you through: What Made my Scamp one of the Most EPIC Experiences of my Life:

  1. Actually getting a moe. Rebubula cover from Umphrey’s Mcgee (first ever for me) and actually an old staple for UM to cover- check out fan footage HERE!!
  2. Hugging Gumby- yes Gumby was there. I have no idea where his damn pony Pokey was because I certainly needed a ride to main stage!
  3. Hearing moe. totally crush ‘In the Kitchen’ and later having the pleasure of hearing moe-rons talk about how much they couldn’t resist the urge to groove to it
  4. Boogyin’ down to Umphrey’s as they blew the doors off of a small church in the middle of a Chilicothe field…now that’s a rare moment in life. Church rage!
  5. Watching two naked girls covered in mud share a plate of lo mein and look the happiest they have ever been in their lives- mud, sun, good music, no clothes & lo mein = happiness (And while I was too far away to slug through the field and give you both a giant muddy hug, I felt exactly the same.)

Thank you yet again Chilicothe, IL. That was one of the most heartfelt journeys through the wild I’ve ever had….can’t wait to do it all again. More details, photos and juicy Scamp downlow to come friends….