Well Saturday was a crazy day. I stayed inside alot more then I would have liked too because I don’t do too good in the rain. I finally got out in time to see Thievery Corporation. They just killed it. It took me all of ten seconds of that show to start getting warm again from dancing.

After that we hit up Griz just for a quick second before heading over to the first Umphreys set. This is when the weekend took an epic turn. As soon as Umphreys strummed the first note the rain started to fall. I had a perfect position center right of the stage. My positioning, along with the rain, made the stage look just epic. I still remember the lights shining through the rain. Plus Umphreys went hard through the rain, which isn’t always easy. This rainstorm definitely gave meaning to the term “Summercamp in the mud”

We then walked to the Moonshine stage to see Moe. This set was also killer. Though it hailed in comparison to the Umphreys show I just sat through. Not to worry though, after that set of Moe we went to Umphreys second set which, unbelievably, was even better then the first. After that we then walked to see Moe’s last set, and wind down with the rest of the Scampers, though the night was no where near done for my group and I.

One more show of the night, and I was sure to be in for a treat that I could of guessed the magnitude of. In we walk into the red barn, after pushing our way through a pile of people trying to hustle last minute late night tickets. Not that I can blame them, the show to follow was the best one of the weekend. The first band to play that night in the Barn was SoundTribe. After the show they played the day before I honestly didn’t expect them to once again leave my mind splattered on the wall behind me. Sure enough though, that’s is where I was scooping it up after they got off stage. However, nothing could of prepared me for what came next. Which was the unveiling of a new group, Big Gritzmatich. It was a super group made by combining Big G, Griz, and Gramatick. This show was by far my favorite of the weekend.

Saturday may have been cold, but if you bundled up and made it to the shows, you likely agree with me it was still a hell of a night.