Where did my Thursday go?

Its super early in the morning. You can smell the dew from the wet grass. Sounds of excitement is roaring everywhere. Summer Camp has officially started and people are pouring in!

Entering early Thursday was a great time. We were running everywhere through the woods looking for a spot. hundreds of others were fighting for spots trying to get closer to the 4 corners. We were a little late for that but still had a blast finding a new site to camp. After we set up the site and got everything in order we had to take a much needed nap.

When we woke up we refreshed ourselves with a little bit of food. I had a gyro that was delicious of course and my girlfriend had a meaty bowl from the Chinese food stand.

Around 5 p.m. I made my way to the church to meet the other counselors and to see where I would be writing for the next couple days. Its pretty nice. I have a/c and flushing toilets so you can start being jealous now. There was a press meeting where I learned about summer camp a little more than what i did.

We left the church after the press meeting and I went and got more food. I love eating and food and eating and food and food and eating with food to eat. After we ate, me and my girlfriend made are way to the general store to get our complimentary shirt and then to the VIP lounge to get our free beer. Because everyone loves free beer. Thanks SCAMP!!!

Walking through the trails all night. Meeting new people and seeing how they got here was awesome. I met this guy named Trent who was pretty sweet. He sat nest to us out in the parking lot when we were partying and i met up and saw him again when we made it inside. Our campsite neighbors is the grassroots gang so we really didn’t get to sleep a whole lot. Oh well, we are at summer camp, who needs sleep.

We took the rest of the night pretty slow, just relaxing and getting ready for the party to start. Went and saw Minnesota at the red barn to start our festival of right. After the red barn we went back to camp site to get some rest for another day tomorrow.

Well rested now, with a nice clean pair of underwear I’m ready for my Friday!

Happy Camping everyone!!!