We Pre-party Harder Than You Party

Well here I am again in beautiful Chillicothe, IL.

After 9 years of coming to Summer Camp, Three Sisters Park definitely feels like home.  This year I have about 30 people in my crew, I’ve been friends with many of these people since High School, most have been to Summer Camp over 5 times and we even have a handful of Summer Camp virgins.  The beauty of Summer Camp is we can act ridiculous without having to think about grown up problems back at home, it’s like being a kid again.

Needless to say, setting up our campsite is quite a task when you have so many people.    Luckily, this isn’t my first Summer Camp.  I am practically a pro at planning and organizing the dopest campsites and this year was no exception.  I was able to choose the most perfect spot right off the path in the woods.  Part of being a CIT allows me to enter the camp grounds early on Wednesday to scope out the scene and plan the best spot to call home for the weekend.


Before tent city was built

Once my crew was able to meet up with me and all the essentials were up, we were finally able to crack open a beer and head to our first show of the weekend… Umphrey’s soundcheck :) It was awesome to see over a hundred people to show up just for a soundcheck!


Umphrey’s soundcheck

After meeting all the rest of the CIT’s I headed on over the VIP tent for the 312 Welcoming party.  This was a great opportunity to kick back on some recliners and watch a little bit of the Hawks game, which they projected on the ceiling of the tent.  I concluded at this time that this might be the most baller spot to hang out at camp.


Hawks Game at the VIP Lounge

On our way back to the Starshine stage to catch Cornmeal a very friendly gentleman gave us a ride on his mustache mobile.


Mustache Ride!!!

Cornmeal was something special.  Tons of people were at this set to see one of their favorite bands play one of their last shows with their current lineup.  I met some wonderful fans that shared some mixed emotions about seeing these last shows with Allie Krall.  I met a wonderful woman named Audrey who wanted to be the official Summer Camp Mom.  She definitely has my vote!


Official Summer Camp Mom

Yesterday’s pre-party had a variety pack of music that got me really pumped for the rest of the weekend.  My favorite part about the pre-party is the local Midwest flavor that breaks in our dancing shoes and helps us practice our dance moves.

Digital Tape Machine was a dance party and Quixotic had a very interesting vibe to it that made it feel like and instillation of sorts.  I was also able to check out the Cornmeal and friends set in the Soulshine tent where Al from moe. guest stared for a great mix of hopping bluegrass flavor.
Cornmeal and Friends

Cornmeal and Friends

They also had some great live art going one during the show too by some amazing artists.
Art in the Soulshine Tent

Art in the Soulshine Tent

Thursday’s pre-party provided the perfect opportunity to loosen my bones and get my dance moves down pat.  It was a long, grueling afternoon, hauling all of our gear from the lot to our campsite, but well worth it.  Our site is perfect, we have excellent neighbors and we even got to catch some amazing music. And that was just the pre-party!

I can’t wait to get out there today and check out some great music, eat some amazing festie food, and check out the vending.  This year we even have some carnival rides like the tilt-a-word to take me back to my child hood memories of street fests that will definitely evoke my “scamp feels like home” nostalgia.