The Hard Part is Over. Cheers.

Well after about five and a half hours in the car, a four-hour wait, and a three-hour nap in the lot I have made it to another Summer Camp successfully. I am also grateful that the people haven’t been as moody as the weather, it has been nothing but positivity. So after setting up and eating a chicken quesadilla that could bring peace to earth, I began the experience.

First things first, what’s new? I immediately noticed that they installed a wooden fence to border the lot and the forest. This was just a minor change compared to what is different inside. As I cruise up Shakedown Street I notice there are several new visual additions to the decorative lights. The pulsating patterns with the ambiance of the Grassroots DJ booth/tent gave the woods a mystical aura. My favorite addition is to the Sunshine stage. The only thing the Summer Camp thrill ride needed was, well, thrill rides.

I kicked off my experience with Brother Joscephus marching in with a full brass band, making their way to the stage to bring the funky soul to the Thursday afternoon crowd. I sincerely hope that they make an appearance next year. My favorite show of the night was Jaik Willis performing with the drummer and bassist from Old Shoe, which he dubbed as the “Long Sock” band. Runner up to that was the Roster McCabe show at the Campground stage pulling out fresh jams like Daft Punk’s new song “Get Lucky” from their latest album.


Next up: two sets of Umphrey’s as well as STS9, Big G, and Paper Diamond. Cheers!