PreScamp Jitters

This upcoming week heading up to summercamp has been pretty hectic. First of all a huge musical Idol of mine passed away. Ray Manzarek , organist for The Doors, passed away. I have a special love of the doors , and was very upset to hear this news. Then My original frined who I was going to ride here with dropped out last minute. So I ended having to make some last minute plans to get here. The worst part of it was that I forgot my favorite backpack at work, after close, on the day I had to be at my flight the next morning before the Bar opened again. That bag has been to every festival with me. It keeps me safe. I feel bad not being able to take her, but oh well the show must go on. The few minor obstacles have done little to curb my excitement for summercamp. The tingles I felt this morning mirrored those of kids before Christmas. In just a matter of days Moe is going to be playing their first set. For some reason if I can’t remember the rest of the festival, I always remember where I was when the first set of Moe started. Luckily I brought a film camera, with really good film, so I’m expecting some super good shots of them this year too. I can’t wait to see all of your smiling faces. My favorite part of summercamp is the people. I feel so much love I can’t keep from grinning. I meet so many remarkable people at summercamp, and I know this year will the same. If you see me walking around the grounds do not be afraid to stop me and talk to me for a bit. I always love meeting new people and hearing about there Scamp experience. With me this year for my guest I have taken someone who has never been to a Summercamp festival before. I was glad that I was the first one to be able to help give her this experience, and I’m looking forward to making sure it is an Amazing one. Besides Moe and Umphreys I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the Trey Anastasio band. I’ve never seen a live show by them, and this one is sure to be killer. With the energy you see put out at summercamp the artist just feed off of that. I’m sure this show will be no different. Well Summercamp I’m about to roll on in here so I can get this party started. Get yo rage faces on.