Memoirs of a Moe-ron

So I made it through Thursday night and it was amazing to say the least. I started off the night at Roster McCabe which just killed it. Majorly killed it, I woke up in a morgue this morning they killed it so hard. They did a cover of Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky”. When they started the first notes of “Get Lucky” my mind immediately jumped to that song, Though I wasn’t sure if I’d be so lucky. Sure enough what laid ahead was one of the best covers of that song I have heard yet.

After that we headed over to Digital Tape Machine. Also an amazing show. The energy in the crowd was prevalent. You couldn’t help but breaking into dance. I barely got any good shots of the show, dancing came as a priority at this one. I still feel the energy of it into the next morning. Though the show wasn’t done yet, we still had one show of the night to go to.

The last show that I hit up was Minnesota. This one man show is one that will put hair on your chest. He fuses an electronic feel with an acoustic jam. It was mind blowing. A perfect way to finish the night.  Everytime I see this gentlemen her has such a strong stage presence, will be sure you to leave you smiling

Today I’m finishing up this blog, cutting it very close to Moe’s first set. Being the huge Moe-ron I am I am itching to get over there.