Thursday Recap & Friday plans: living it up in the RV

We did it!  I’m so excited to be here back at Summer Camp, blogging from the back of the church.

The trip down from Chicago was particularly epic, because my crew decided to go all-out this year and rent an RV.  It. Is. Awesome.  We picked it up from the suburbs of Chicago, loaded our stuff in, and hit the road to Chillicothe.  If you have the means to do the RV route, I highly recommend it.

RV photo

After settling in, we walked over to Starshine to catch Cornmeal tearing it up for a super frisky crowd.  We immediately ran into some old friends and started getting our groove on. After a quick break, we were back at it for Digital Tape Machine, and the party was in full-force.  What a fantastic way to kick-off the festival… the crowd was huge, the poles were out, and the weather was perfect.

UV Hippo

Now it’s time to kick off Friday!  Really looking forward to some Brainchild, moe., Medeski and Yonder before kicking it into full gear for some Umphs!  Signing off for the morning – see ya’ll out there!

xoxo Abby