My 2013 Scamp Overture


I am PUMPED to kick off my festival season with all you beautiful people at Summer Camp 2013!  For my very first blog post ever, I am going to share my thoughts on this year’s ridiculous lineup…..Thursday’s pre-party contains some of my favorite up-and-coming acts.  I love the nerdy electronic energy of Digital Tape Machine and Future Rock always has the best dance parties.  On the opposite end of the jam spectrum, Lake Shore Vibe reminds me of Phish circa ’91.  It’s like you can hear this young band’s potential in every note they play.  If that makes any sense to you, I strongly recommend checking out their set at the Camping Stage.  Needless to say, Thursday is bound to be a blast and that’s just the pre-party!

Year after year moe. and Umphrey’s McGee have anchored Summer Camp’s schedule, but the addition of Trey Band has made this year’s lineup one of the most scene oriented to date, not to mention Yonder, Keller, STS9, plus Medeski, Martin, and Wood. The only other bands that could possibly fall into this topnotch jamband echelon would be Cheese or Bisco, so the good people at Summer Camp HQ decided that EOTO and Conspirator would have to fill that void.  I have seen all these acts multiple times, most of them at Summer Camp, and they are the reason I fell in love with the scene so many years ago.

In case you are living under a rock, Cornmeal’s Saturday show will be one of the most talked about sets of the weekend.  Their fiddler, Allie Kral, has announced that this will be her last show as a member of Cornmeal.  This band has been a staple at Summer Camp for almost a decade and many Scampers, like myself, have completely fallen in love Allie over the years.  Even though this is not the last we will hear from Cornmeal or Allie, for that matter, this set is bound to be a tear jerker for many a fan.
This lineup contains at least a dozen other bands that make me dance, but in all honesty, I return to Summer Camp every year because I’m an Umphreak.  Summer Camp provides 6 sets of Umph, a handful of side projects, plus sit-ins that make Memorial Day Weekend UMforgettable.  My first Umphrey’s show was at Summer Camp in 2004, so I guess it is only perfect that I will be celebrating my 75th Umph show at Summer Camp 2013.  I’m predicting a few new songs, maybe a new cover, and a ridiculous light rig that will bring facemelt to a whole other level.  Prepare to get your minds blown people!
Now for my Sunday variety pack…..

I plan on getting all sorts of funked up on Lettuce at the Moonshine Stage, Big Boi’s set will defiantly scratch my nostalgic hip hop itch, and Trey will bring a phriendly energy I have yet to experience at Summer Camp.  I also totally dig the Coop! I guess I would describe their sound as an electronic jazz funk fusion that is both intelligent and sophisticated.  I hope to catch at least part of their set before I head on over to Umph at the Sunshine Stage.One of my most anticipated sets of the weekend is one that will close out the fest.  DJnoDJ is a DJ cover band that captures the energy electronic music within a full band setting, no laptops required.  With Daft Punk’s newest album finally hitting the streets and no word of on if or when they will be touring, DJnoDJ will be filling a major void for many Daft Punk fans.  This set will be a dance party at its finest!

 Both electronic and jamband fans will enjoy the way DJnoDJ fuses these two genres by layering their talents in order to duplicate our most beloved tracks.  If I still have enough fuel left in my tank early Monday morning, this is where you will find me.Needless to say, I can’t wait to experience Summer Camp as a CIT!  I guess it’s my job to remind my fellow campers to be safe, stay hydrated, and see as much music as possible because this year’s lineup is INSANE!  With that being said, hollar at your CIT if you see me around!  I love making new friends, especially at Summer Camp!