What I Can’t Wait for at Summer Camp!

Summer Camp is just around the corner and I’ve been going back and forth thinking about which aspect I’m more excited about. I’m looking forward to hula hooping in the sun, seeing the amazing group of people and of course, I’m super pumped for the music!

Summer Camp LED Hooping!I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ve still made time to practice of few moves with my hoop every few days. Hands down, one of my favorite things in the world is hooping at Summer Camp. I recently fired hooped for the first time this summer at Spark Fire Flow here at 3 sisters park. The experience was awesome and I got to see Janelle (one of the higher ups at Jay Goldberg and super awesome girl and hooper) attempt a world record for most wicks on a hoop! I won’t likely get a chance to fire hoop again, but I’ll but don’t be surprised to see me troopsin’ around 3 sisters carrying 10 hoops at a time. My favorite time of every year could possibly be the Sunday night Moe. show. Hundreds of hoops and everyone sharing an amazing experience together.

Summer Camp Festival Fans

When I’m not hooping I’m a huge crowd watcher! The people at Summer Camp are the best, always loose and looking to have a good time. And, since I can talk to ANYONE, interacting with all the people at the festival really makes me feel great. I love connecting with people from all over the country and getting down to some funky tunes together. Not to mention how freaking awesome everyone looks decked out in festival gear!


Finally, I’ve been pouring over the schedule every day trying to plan the perfect line up. My usual deal is to hit up 3 or 4 shows in a row before I take a break, so I’ve had my eyes on several “back to backs” that are going to blow my mind for sure.

Friday Night – Umphrey’s Mcgee > Dumpstaphunk > Big Gigantic

Friday features an amazing run of music from Summer Camp late night legends. One of the most memorable shows I’ve ever been to was Dumpstaphunk, late night in the barn 4 or 5 years ago. DON’T MISS DUMPSTAPHUNK if you’ve never gotten the chance to see them. They have a tough slot (up against STS9), but it will be well worth it.

Saturday – KDTU > The Werks > UM > Moe. > UM > Moe.

Saturday is gonna wear me out. I pretty much HAVE to see every minute of each of these shows. The incredible awesomeness of this 6 hour streak is self explanatory…

Sunday – Trey > Moe.

One last day of partying! And who better to help us out than Trey Anastasio of Phish. No, Trey Band doesn’t sound much like Phish, but it’s still Trey out front and it’s guaranteed to be an amazing 2 sets. All this will of course be followed by the Pinnacle of all festival sets, the Sunday night Moe. show!!! Prepare yourself!

Moe. Sunday Night Show