Rebelution @ Mr.Smalls in Pittsburgh 4/24/13

Since I saw Rebelution at All Good in 2010 I had been itching to see them again. Unfortunately last year I was unable to catch their Summer Camp set but last night I finally got the opportunity to scratch and caught their show at Mr. Smalls Theater.  As fortune would have it they stopped in Pittsburgh as part of their “Spring Greens Tour.”

IMG_0168Hot Rain kicked off the night.  They are joining Rebelution for the tour.  Hailing from Hawaii this upbeat reggae band stays true to their heritage and genre singing about love and beautiful women.  They constantly interacted with the audience; uniting the souls which filled the venue in song.  It was a fun way to start the show, check out their myspace page with free music here.

J Boog took to the stage next and kept the upbeat reggae jams flowing.  Many people may not recognize him as the former B2K member that he is.  He’s grown a bit since those days and so has his talent.  J Boog maintains undertones of the R&B, hip hop background while bringing forth a new kind of sound.

IMG_0211Then Rebelution took to the stage, starting off their performance with one of my favorites: “Bright Side of Life” (check out the video!)  Everyone started jumping and the whole place was jammin.  The venue was the perfect size and so was the crowd.  The vibes at the show were flowing peace and reggae love.  It was spectacular.  During the second half of the show they also played “Outta Control,” another personal favorite.  Apparently a crowd favorite as well because the entire place beamed forth even greater energy for that song.

IMG_0182It is astonishing to think this band is almost 10 years old – haven taken off from Cali roots to become the great band they are today.  Part of what makes them so special is their political consciousness and their call to action.  If you haven’t yet, listen to “Courage to Grow.”  You will find yourself inspired with new feelings of hope and desire for fulfillment.  The band consists of Eric Rachmany (vocals/guitar), Rory Carey (keyboard) Wesley Finley (drums), and Marley D Williams (bass).  I was actually lucky enough to meet and spend some time with Marley after the show.  He was extremely nice and super down to Earth (not to mention very attractive!)

IMG_0672 (1)sRebelution has tons of music available to listen to and even download for free on their myspace page.  The band will be touring in the US throughout the month of May and is then heading over the Atlantic for a United Kingdom run with one stop in Portugal.  They will be back in Cali and Oregon in August.  If you can make it to a show – do not miss out!  It only took one show to make me a giant fan and I know it will only take one for you as well.