Kinetix “Never Too Late” EP Release Tour

As their name suggests, Kinetix is the quintessence of energy.  The band exudes it; a commanding force of musical motion that they exert on stage and spreads to their audience.  I have been an avid fan since I saw them at Summer Camp 2012 (check out their set here.)

Kinetix put everything into their show and I knew that they had the soul that distinguishes greatness in artists.

KinetixTheir live performances have always demonstrated their versatility, range and captivating vigor, now we finally get to feel it anywhere on their new EP “Never Too Late.”   Included are three singles, all different in their style but equally awesome and powerful.  Kinetix is changing it up – evolving their sound and expanding their talent.  Upbeat rhythms, strong beats and funky melodies make their new releases a reflection of their spirit.  Hailing from Denver, the band has an exceptional relationship with Josh Fairman on bass, George Horn on drums, Chris Beck on keyboard, Jordan Linit on guitar and Adam Lufkin on guitar and vocals.  Adam’s words resonate with significance and combined with the band’s instrumental capacity they are transcending genres and challenging the current music scene.  In April Kinetix is traveling throughout the northern Midwest on their EP release tour so you will have the opportunity to experience their energy and feel it move you.  In the meantime you can listen to and download their music for free on soundcloud and you will find yourself needing mo’ Kinetix love.