Laskin & Robinson – Defying Genres

Within moments of being around Adam, I knew that his relationship with music was unique.  It is more than unique, it is exceptional – he contains a musical vibe that emanates from his very being.  This aura executes actuality by transforming itself into rhythms and melodies in the form of neurons firing in his brain.  He doesn’t force himself to make music, but music forces itself upon him to be created.  It compels itself into existence, needing to be expressed and heard.  For those of us who assume the title of “fan” or “aspiring musician,” it is bittersweet to see the innate capacity with which Adam Lufkin produces brilliant music. His first professional endeavor was uniting four other talented musicians to form the band Kinetix.  Now he is expanding his sound with his good friend and fellow Kinetix member, Josh Fairman.  Josh and Adam have branched and created Laskin & Robinson.  This new undertaking combines a powerful blend of various genres: pop, rock, rap, reggae, funk and hip hop.  Their sound is such a perfect mosaic that the reverberations originating when this duo performs cannot be defined and restricted by any one particular category.

Their first single, “Falling Down,” has finally been released – a mere two years after coming to life in Adam’s mind as he wondered the aisles of a grocery store looking for some fried chicken to ease the lingering Wakarusa hangover.  The melody crept from the deepest part of his brain – the innovative genius working beyond his control.  He began hearing the words accompanying the sound “when you’re falling down…yeah, yeah, yeah.”  He kept hearing it and singing it in his head during the entire venture home.  Upon arrival he immediately sat on his throne and laid down the drums to what he had created.  As soon as he was done Adam began free-styling verses.  The image of a train derailing vividly leading him to the first one: “you can’t lose track of what you feel…you can’t lose track of what is real…you can’t lose track and let your train…roll out of control.”  The music, the images and the verses kept flooding his consciousness and that night the first single of Laskin & Robinson came to be.

Now, equipped with the artistic contributions of bassist Josh Fairman, as Adam plays guitar and both work on production they are officially releasing their music as this pioneering duo.  Having met Adam at the University of Denver, Josh not only slaps bass, he is also CEO and founder of his own production company – Laskin Productions.  In 2011 he also co-founded Scanhope Sound, a production studio in Littleton, CO which provides all types of recording services.  Josh has a light-hearted and amusing personal liveliness.  Simply watching him play demonstrates his enthralling personality as he rocks hard and flails his wild hair.  His capacity on the bass is beyond description.  Combining his persona with the magic workings of his fingers he creates smooth and powerful renditions.  Josh’s hip rhythms complete Adams melodies and give Laskin & Robinson that original sound.  Their songs are energetic and funky with upbeat rhythms, light reggae undertones and fun lyrics.  They make even the most sedentary soul want to get up and boogie.

However awesome the music, what truly makes the tracks exceptional is their message.  Underlying the seemingly playful words are powerful themes.  If you listen acutely to the songs, the words take on another meaning.  From the title and the beat one might gather that “Ass Work” pertains to shaking your bootie.

Yet if you actually pay attention you will realize that it is about working hard and realizing that you are truly actualized when you put all your effort into your endeavors: “w – o – r – k every day, play hard, work hard, to my craft I’m a slave”…”come to me you will find yourself to be twice your worth…cuz I’m a show you how to make your ass work.” In addition to “Falling Down” and “Ass Work,” Adam and Josh have released another original, “Top Shelf,” which features Corey Henry from Galactic.  After a Galactic show, Josh was riding with Corey in his car when he heard the track.  He instantly recognized that he wanted to partake.  The next day Corey joined Josh and Adam in the studio.  Laskin & Robinson’s latest release is their interpretation of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights.”  As a testament to their laid back and easy going dispositions, all of their music is available to listen to and download for free.  You can follow the band and become an official fan on facebook.  From their posts and pictures you can see for yourself that this is something that you want to be a part of.  Life is short but sweet so make your ass work and become an active Laskin & Robinson enthusiast.