Kinetix @ Lamasco Bar & Grill – Evansville, IN

I have good news for all you Scampers in the southern Illinois and southern IN area that usually have to travel quite a bit in order to catch some of your favorite bands of Summer Camp. For myself, living in rural southern IL, I almost always have to travel nearly 4 hours
to Chicago if I want to catch my favorite bands. But now, we’re in luck!

I recently had the pleasure of attending an extremely energetic Kinetix show at Lamasco Bar & Grill in Evansville, IN. Located near the river boat casino (if you’re into that sort of thing), Lamasco has had several of our Summer Camp favorites, including Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Kinetix, & Strange Arrangement just in the last month. They also have hula hoop clinics during the week!!

Jordan on right; Adam on left – both just wailing

It’s a small venue, not a bad seat in the house, and the music goes late into the night, just like I like it. The whole experience is extremely laid back with the band interacting with the crowd the whole show and chatting with anyone and everyone during the set breaks. We spoke to George (drums) for a while while he cooled off from their first set. I asked him how he he came to play drums and he begins by telling us he began his music career playing the violin. However as luck would have it, he chose to play percussion in his music session at camp and there sparked his passion.  George then dedicated time throughout his entire life to it, and here he is today, a great addition to this talented band.

Amy Word (Manager) and Me all smiles

The bar gets its great vibe from it’s general manager Amy Word who looks like she’s having a better time than anyone. She was actually putting Kinetix up for the night before they were off early to play Martyr’s in Chicago (which I heard was an awesome show as well – making the JamBase main page).  Amy was super nice and made sure to talk the patrons – and dance with them too! We’ll definitely be hitting up Lamasco in the future.

As for Kinetix, they had great energy as usual, and didn’t miss a beat even though they’ve been touring without Eric Blumfeld’s voice after he had surgery a bit ago (however, he was still rockin on the keyboard). We all look forward for a speedy recovery, you rock Eric and we wish you the best! They played mostly covers with a few originals tossed in for good measure. It was an amazing show overall. Here’s the set list they gave me after the show, but I know there is no way it’s complete. They look like they have a great time on stage and flow from cover to cover, teasing different songs all the way through. The showed kicked off strong and never slowed down.

1. I shot the Sheriff > Own Mind > Sun is Shinging
2. It’s never too late > Cramp Your Style > Grassy Knoll
3. Duck Sauce
4. Mo Luv > Another Day
5. Cocaine Blues
6. What’s on Your Mind? > Afraid to Fall
7. Crazy Train
8. People (start hoppin’)

Check out a little glimpse of the show:

Kinetix @ Lamasco 1

Kinetix @ Lamasco 2