East Coast Moe Love is in the Air

moeIt’s that mushy gushy time of year again, everyone’s favorite played-out Hallmark holiday filled with stuffed guerillas that sing Ray Charles songs, little boxes of Whitman’s Chocolates, candles, bubble-baths…you know what I’m talking about. And if all of those things make you want to barf as much as they do me, then maybe you’ll consider doing something a little less traditional and skip the $25 ahi tuna and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Pull out yer dancing shoes and hop in the car for a lil’ romantic east coast getaway with Summer Camp warriors and veterans moe. in Raleigh, NC this year! (hell, and bring the chocolate covered strawberries too)! What would possibly make your lover’s soul shine and cheeks glow more than a night of full-on, feel-good boogyin together!

That’s my plan this year. Funny story: While attending to official Summer Camp Counselor biz-nass at last year’s fest, I met an amazing guy named Billy Ray who lives in Raleigh, NC and is a die-hard moe. fan! I mean, he’s seen them over 100 times now! Seriously! They even gave him a shout out and did a little song and dance at his 100th! Since I live in Asheville, NC, we’ve actually hung out a few times since Scamp (once to catch moe. in Nashville, TN of course)! So, when he told me that his all time favorite jam gods were going to be rippin’ in Raleigh for V-Day, I was like, “Man, that’s a dream come true right there.” That would be like Umphrey’s McGee playing in my own back yard on my birthday :)

And don’t you fret your sweet little heart if you can’t make it out on a Thursday night because they’re following that show up with a night in Charlotte, NC on Friday then on to rage in Georgia the Saturday after. Of course, you can catch the official schedule here: http://moe.org/tour  They’ve been killing it lately so don’t wait all the way ’til Scamp 2013 (even though it’s not far away) to get down with these guys. As my friend Billy Ray would say, “Bam!” (aka: Doooo it)

Hope to see you lovers, spinners, freaks and moe-rons at the show!