Pigs on the Wing

Last night I got the chance to see an amazing show…

It started with a local Denver band called Tiger Party.  This band is like a funky electronic future disco, and I like it.  With members of the bands The Malah, Octopus Nebulah, and Signal Path, you should know that these guys know that they know what they are doing.  Check em out when you get a chance.

The headliner for the night though was Pigs on the Wing…My camera is busted so I’ll include a video of a past performance, but you have got to see this band live.

Featuring Dave Murphy of STS9, this is the best Pink Floyd cover band I have ever seen.  In order to capture the layers heard in Pink Floyd recordings there were sometimes 8 people on stage including Dom from Big Gigantic.  Sometimes there would be only 1 or 2 people on stage during the ambient portions.  Whatever song they did though, they truly brought to life.  We’ve seen something like this before at Summer Camp, wouldn’t it be great to see something like it again this year?