A Very Moe-Licious Halloween

So, if you know me or have read any of my posts here thus far, you know that I’m a die hard UM fan. I cheated on my boys this Halloween and traveled down a dusty little jingly side road to see moe. at the Ryman in Nashville with a few of my new beloved scamper friends. It wasn’t my first moe. experience by any means. I saw them first in 2005 in Asheville, hit up a few of their sets at festivals and of course saw them rock it hard at Summer Camp 2012. I kind-of fell off the moe. wagon after they split and never really got back in the groove with ‘em until this past scamp– sad yes. But, as I was telling my friend Billy Ray, that’s what music is there for. You pick it up, move with it, cry to it, make love with it then put it down like a tired relationship.

First off, the Ryman (aka: The old Grand ole’ Oprey) is absolutely gorgeous– an old world palace with charm and grace and more beautiful war stories than a retired Vietnam vet. When we walked in, the stage was filled with sunflowers, from the floor to the ceiling. The lights shimmered sweet fluorescent fall hues of orange and yellow. And then moe. took the stage with creepy Vanilla Sky style masks and serious pursed lips. They played the creepy Halloween roles up, staring the crowd down and taking their places then rolled into a slow moving ‘Bones of Lazarus’.

The crowd hooted and hollered and shouted Chuck’s name as they drifted into one of my personal faves, ‘Haze’. “Heeey lets go, doesn’t really matter when or where…” Moerons were boogyin’ like it was 1999. A boy scout beside me, dressed in full attire, from a completely moe. patched up sash with matching knee high socks, shuffled his feet as his broken arm rested in a sling. The crowd roared as they jammed into ‘Downward Facing Dog’, ‘Rainshine’ and ‘Smoke’, killing each one in ususal moe. fashion, with hard hitting vocals, strong guitar rips and those twinkly little up-beats that Vinnie beautifully throws in the mix.

By set break, the crowd had figured out the theme of the evening. Moe. was playing three albums through and through, cover to cover. It was a magical night filled with breakout jams of songs that haven’t been played in years like ‘Long Island Girls Rule’, ‘The Battle of Benny Hill’, ‘That Coffee Tune’ and ‘Brain Tuba’, Thank you moe. It was an evening I’ll certainly never forget! To listen to the whole mind melting experience, click HERE!