Summer Camp @ the Canopy Club

It’s been 4 months since Summer Camp and as festival season winds down I’m getting the itch to see some of my favorite Summer Camp musicians again. Lucky for us the Canopy Club in Champagne, IL has a great line-up of music all through October that includes  some of the best acts from this year’s Summer Camp and from Summer Camp’s younger years. I hope I’ll see some of you there!

October 11 – Victor Wooten & Paper Diamond


Victor Wooten is a Summer Camp veteran, gracing the festival with his presence many times throughout the years. He is a renowned bass player. He’s been named Bass Player magazine “Bass Player of the Year” 3 times and has collaborated with a lot of great artists including playing bass for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones since their founding in 1988. Check out Victor at the year’s festival: Victor Wooten – Summer Camp 2012

Paper Diamond (Alex B. of Pnuma Trio) has been touring like crazy lately and put on a great show when I saw him at Summer Camp in 2011. Here’s a short clip of Alex and Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) throwing down at the campfire stage. This is AWESOME! I love Dominic! Alex & Dominic!

October 19 – Future Rock

Anyone that’s been to Summer Camp has surely seen Future Rock at some point over the years. Just to give you an idea of how long they’ve been around at Summer Camp and how far they’ve come, compare their 2006 set at the Camping Stage to their 2011 performance in the Red Barn, late night.



October 26 – MiMOSA

In a few short years, MiMOSA, has come from nowhere to share the stage with stars such as Summer Camp All Stars Lotus, Bassnectar, and Pretty Lights. Here’s a sample of what you are in for as MiMOSA rages in the barn in 2011: MiMOSA Red Barn Set

October 27 – Rebelution

Rebelution first played Summer Camp in 2010 and after a short hiatus they were back again in 2012. A raggae band hailing from Santa Barbara, California, Rebelution has been slowly gaining steam since their founding in 2004. Here they are playing “Feeling Alright” Saturday afternoon at this year’s Summer Camp: Rebelution on Saturday