Kinetix: A Great Rock Band with a Refreshing New Sound

Times have changed. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by information. Technology advances with leaps and bounds. Movies come out by the dozens. Music is growing and evolving at the same pace and there are so many bands and so many sounds and so many ways to listen. It can almost be too much – so much music that I find myself sifting and sorting through thousands of songs and bands to find only a handful that have the right combination of ability, style, and uniqueness to make me want to listen to more.

Kinetix is one of those bands. In preparing for Summer Camp and trying to make a schedule of the bands I absolutely had to see, I looked them up online and started watching some of the live shows they posted on their myspace page. Within seconds I could tell Kinetix needed to fit into my SC schedule. They had a funky rock rhythm and Eric Bloomfield’s vocal skill was apparent right away. I listened to all the live music they had posted and then immediately bought their album Let Me In. 

The album had a different feel than their live performances. It was not as rustic or funky and had more of a pop/rock type of sound, however this only adds to their talent by demonstrating their versatility. “Big Screen” became my favorite off the album, with “Wishing Well” and “Let Me In” also standing out as great tracks. Each member is a great musician who adds their own flavor to the music. Adam Lufkin rocks out on guitar and then is also a great singer with unique rapper style vocals. George Horn is awesome on the drums – playing sweet beats to the wide range of Kinetix’s musical reach. Josh Fairman’s fun personality is apparent through the way he wails on bass (and flails that crazy hair of his).  Jordan Linit is an awesome guitar player who brings so much energy to their performances.  Finally, Eric not only sings but jams on the keyboard as well.

By the time Summer Camp finally arrived I was so excited to catch them live. It was one of the best sets at the festival. They’re energy was wonderful – it was great to see the band getting so into their music, having so much fun – especially considering the overwhelming heat that day. They mixed it up with some covers and some originals, but it was all converted to that funky Kinetix rock sound that made impossible not to start hoppin’. After their set I made my way up to them to see if they were up for an interview, which is posted in a previous blog and you should all check out. All five members were really nice, down to earth guys and it was a pleasure getting to meet them.

They have a myspace page and a facebook page and they post a ton of their music; make sure to listen to “Spinning Out” and “People Start Hoppin'” and definitely watch some of their live performances. I very much hope that they come play at Summer Camp next year. This is a band I truly love and recommend to all you music lovers. If you can make it happen – go to one of their shows, trust me, you don’t want to miss out.