Jennifer Karzin’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Kyle “Mama Bear” Troutman

“Mama Bear is the life of the party! The reason that he got the name Mama Bear was because his first Summer Camp he over packed to the point that we were all making fun of him. We stopped making fun of him the first morning when he had an entire kitchen set up and he was brewing coffee and making us omlettes! We started calling him Mama Bear because he took care of his “cubs” the people that he is close to. He has continued this tradition of taking care of us every year at Summer Camp. I’ve included a picture of him cooking for our huge group from this past Summer Camp. He is always ready to have a good time, is one of those people that you will find dancing barefoot down the road or stopping to help any random person who needs it! I think that if anyone deserves this it is him!!”