Monica Larson’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Louie

“This is one of my (now) best friends Louie, he’s the person who single handedly made my summer camp 2012! Entering the festival we barely knew eachother and only really connected because we were both volunteers, since I was a volunteer the past few years I offered to help show him the ropes. Having lost my place to stay while at summer camp literally the day of, no campsite, or tent, Louie offered to let me stay with him. Introduced me to his closest friends, one of whom turned out to be the man I would fall in love with over the course of the summer. Louie brought me into a group of friends so welcoming, they changed my life. Throughout the festival, Louie looked out for me everywhere we went and as it turned out he’s also the life of the party, always up to go see the next show and never stopping. His phishmen top hat jumping around as he danced his heart out. What was even better, he was just as big an Umphrey’s fan as me! We never missed a show and rocked out the whole time. Without Louie I would have had no place to stay, wouldn’t have made such amazing new friends and I would never have gotten to know my love. So thank you Louie for helping out someone you barely knew and being such a great friend!”