Amber Tapper’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Chris Koller

“My MVP would be Chris Koller!! There were a few shows I wouldn’t have made it to if it weren’t for him! Pretty lights and Zeds Dead I would have totally regretted not seeing!!! Thankfully, he said we are going! He is one of my best friends and is willing to do anything to help you out. After partying through Pretty lights, Zeds Dead, Team Bayside High and many other awesome shows, my weekend was complete..but extremely sad to see it end! Chris has turned me onto a few of my favorite artists. I feel he is a MVP because even if I was having a down moment he always knew just how to turn it around! He made each day a blast and never complained. Everyday was a new beginning and a fun new experience and tons of memories were definitely made! I couldn’t ask for a better person to hang out with and party with, we always have a great time together! He keeps me up to date with up coming shows so I don’t miss a beat! Music is a great release and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend going to a show then with my best friend!”