Zach Johnson’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Mitch Henson

“Wanted to introduce you to my good man, Mitch Henson.  When I read about the MVP contest, I wasn’t even two sentences in when Mitchell popped into my head.  Summer Camp 2012 was my first and Mitch was essentially my “Summer Camp pioneer.” The man was so well-prepared with all sorts of camping gear, food, drinks… the list goes on. We ended up having more than ten people at our camp but he did an awesome job of providing everyone with the best Camp experience possible.  He got to Three Sisters WEDNESDAY night to make sure all of us had a premium spot.  On top of that, Mitch was also ready to go to any show at any time with anyone.  You didn’t see him around our campsite too often because he knew what Summer Camp was all about: the music.  He refused to let everyone sit around the campsite when they could be experiencing all the fine things that were happening around them. When everyone else was passed out Thursday night, he dragged me along to see Future Rock at Red Barn and that was SO unforgettable! We didn’t take too many photos throughout the weekend, but I found one that pretty much sums things up. Mitch with his sister, Jamie, who works security for the fest.  Also pictured is Chilly Phil, the “totem” who kept us all together (which Mitch made!). Look at them pit stains! Mitch was able to take Summer Camp and make it even more enjoyable than previously imagined… Thanks, Mitch!”