Jay Trainor’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Jodi Reis

” My SummerCamp 2012 MVP was my cousin Jodi Reis. My cousin and I have been best friends our whole lives. It was my greatest pleasure to take her to her very first 3 day camping music festival, and to SCamp of all festivals. She had no idea what she was in for. She is not an uppity girl by any means but I wasn’t sure she had truly experienced the good grime SummerCamp has to offer. I met her at the gate early Friday morning with my dirt and sweat stained clothes from the previous pre-party day. She looked me up and down, with tent and luggage in hand, and said “looks like you had a fun night”. I laughed and said,” you have no idea!”.

     After setting her tent up we cracked some beers and headed to the first Moe set. On our way through the forest I could tell she was getting the vibe and was going to have a great weekend. And she did! She hadn’t heard of most of the bands we saw, but loved every minute of every song. She hadn’t sweat that much in her life, but stuck her head under the water fountain and dealt with it. She hadn’t ever been surrounded by dancing naked people in a crazy forest, but she laughed and enjoyed it. She was a trooper and really appreciated every experience throughout the weekend. She really saw the beauty SummerCamp is and learned to love everyone she encountered. That is why she is my MVP.”