Jake Anthony’s Summer Camp MVP Entry

Nominated: Annalise “Ace Freely” Syverson

“My name is Jake Anthony. I had a blast at last years Summer Camp (2012) and would love the chance to win passes for my MVP and I to both attend in 2013.

My MVP’s name is Annalise Syverson (goes by Ace Freely) and she’s turned me onto festivals, music and activities that have made me connect with a side of myself I didn’t know about. Being able to express my artistic and creative sides around others, I’ve found people I relate to and music that speaks to me better than what I was listening to before. You may think that just by watching someone else live their everyday lives, it wouldn’t affect you. However, there’s something about watching someone who’s happy with who they are, who takes life as it comes at them, that makes you realize life is too short to live worrying about others judgements.

Summer Camp is my kind of venue. Fire spinners, body painting, shredding music and mind-blowing talent all-around, I’m never bored and always have the killer time.”