Summer Camp Veterans Umphrey’s McGee wrap-up anticipated Colorado run

After much anticipation throughout the year, Umphrey’s McGee just wrapped up an amazing weekend in Colorado with opener Railroad Earth. This past Friday evening, the boys convened at the holy grail of U.S. venues, Red Rocks Amphitheater, to bring the funk in the geological wonder that exists more than 6,000 feet above sea level. And bring the face-melting jammy goodness they did.

First set, they came out of the gates with guns blazing, serving up  UM classic All In Time , plunging right into a mean”Jimmy Stewart”* then bringing it all back home after a few nasty bass lines and sexy guitar licks from Jake. They revved it up for one of their 2012 summer tour favorites Puppet String then burst into 2×2, slid into Miami Virtue and The Linear  and ended on a high note with Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and The Floor. With a DVD/CD set being filmed straight from the show, they were on fire, whipping out intricately timed rifts and exquisitely tuned rhythms on every spectrum.They brought it all home and UM fans to their knees with their own unique twist on Zeppelin classic ‘Kashmir’ followed by their own intense rock ballad  ‘Jajunk.’

The next night, they did it all over again to a more intimate crowd sold out crowd at Boulder Theater. First face-melting session included the likes of Jekyll & Hyde followed by  rare jam pulled out of the hat earlier this year in Charlotted, NC, White Man’s Moccasin. Jamming straight into the smooth feel good baby making tune Comma Later and diving head first into the funky goodness of Bridgeless. They teased Slacker and Crucial Taunt before bringing it back around in true UM style with Bridgeless, reminding you where that jam started hours ago.

Second set brought an interesting mix to the table, opening with the headbanging debauchery of ‘Wizard Burial Ground’ then sliding into August and another summer 2012 favorite ‘Deeper’.  The crowd was in full force, banging their heads and moshing the floor when they pumped out ‘The Crooked One’ the jammy goodness of ‘Andy’s Last Beer,’ closing it all out with first time lick Liberty Echo*  and all-time classic ‘Miss Tinkle’s Overture’. Next stop: another sold-out show in Birmingham Alabama! UM ON! RAWK FACE!