Umphrey’s McGee streaming LIVE from Chicago TONIGHT!

Okay, okay…so you missed the last few shows because you were tired and hungover from a long night of Apples to Apples and PBRs or you just couldn’t wrangle up the $100 and a few days off work to get your booty on the dance floor. We can’t make ‘em all that’s for sure. Luckily, rock gods and Summer Camp veterans Umphrey’s McGee has you covered. Always on the forefront of keeping you in tune (even when your snuggled up on the couch with a bag of Fritos and a cold one), Umphyrey’s McGee is known for their technological prowess in the music scene. From live-streaming to their infamous UmBowls where attendees can text in their favorite song to the band and hear it live mashed up into one of their progressive funk jams– these boys don’t skip a beat and keep their fans on their toes and in the game at all times.

So, if you couldn’t make it out to the Congress Theater in Chicago– no worries. Starting in just 10 short minutes, Umphrey’s McGee will be live-streaming the entire show complete with behind-the-scenes snapshots and interviews. So, click open a new tab, grab those pork rind and pour a glass of Chardonnay because this Sunday is about to melt your face! Couch tour starts NOW!