Umphrey’s McGee is on FIRE!!!

The progressive rock gods of Umphrey’s Mcgee are on fire these days, wielding their finely tuned instruments as golden swords in the battle of jam band face melting show stoppers. Their infamous Summer Camp 2012 sets blazed the woods with their usual intricate and intensely woven jam-rock ballads, keeping both die-hard UM fans satisfied and newcomers yearning for more. In case you live on another planet and aren’t familiar with their unique, experimental melodies, let me break it down for you.

Their sound is like no other, offering listeners a poo-poo platter of hard rock, funk, blues and electronica, all mushed together with a sweet rhythm melody pulling all of the flavors into one mouthwatering meal that only leaves you guessing what will come next and hungry for more. In fact, Relix magazine dubbed them The Last Jamband Standing in their March issue this year, dishing them out as playing “some of the most densely composed rock around, changing keys and time signatures with head-spinning” finesse”. And those words are so true.

After wowing scampers with their eclectic 80s hair band dance grooves, Umphrey’s McGee has continue to make hefty rock god waves in their intense summer tour, giving younger music lovers around the world a taste of the old-school jam band festival scene. From their mind-blowing four hour rock-n-roll late night spectacle at Bonnarroo to their rollicking beach-side show at Hangout Fest in Alabama, Umphrey’s Mcgee is a band you don’t want to miss this year. Tickets are still available for their upcoming Red Rocks show in September as well as their recently announced New Years Atlanta run! See you on the dance floor! ~Tiffany