Ska In Cleveland

June 24th was one of the most fantastic nights of ska that I’ve seen in a very long time. I was on vacation and hit up Cleveland in the beginning of my trip to see Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and Big D and the Kids Table at the House of Blues. I was so glad that I purchased the day before this show because once I got to the venue everyone was begging for tickets. I guess ska is just as popular in Cleveland as it is in St. Louis.

When I was waiting for the first set to start, I was surprised when I saw that the backdrop on stage read Big D and the Kids Table, because originally they weren’t on the line-up.  So I was in complete SHOCK when I saw them come out to play their set. The crowd went absolutely nuts when they started with their first song “Steady Riot”. The pit was at full energy and people were crowd surfing left and right during their entire set. Big D really gave me a big boost of much needed energy since my man and I had just driven 9 hours straight from St. Louis before the show.

Next up was Goldfinger, I was most excited to see them since I’ve never seen them live before. As soon as they came on, I joined everyone else in the pit in singing the first song of their set “Spokesman”. It was amazing; I hadn’t seen such an excited and lively crowd at a show in years. Every person in the House of Blues was on their feet rockin’ out. Goldfinger ended their set with two of my favorite songs “Superman” and their cover of the Nena song “99 Red Balloons”. I was so excited that I even crowd surfed during “Superman” (which I hadn’t done since I was a teenager). What an amaaaazing show!

Now that I was drenched in everyone’s sweat from Goldfinger’s pit, I still had to wait for Reel Big Fish to come on. Last time I saw them live was 8 years ago and it was an awesome show, so I knew I was in for a good performance. They started their set with one of my favorite songs “The Kids Don’t Like It” and just about everyone in the House of Blues went nuts. People were dancing everywhere! They also played some of my other favorites such as: “Good Thing”, “Beer”, “She Has a Girlfriend Now”, and “Sellout”. I danced through their entire set and I must say, Cleveland truly knows how to do ska right! If it weren’t for the fans going crazy for every song that came out of Big D, Goldfinger, and Reel Big Fish, the show wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing and memorable as it was…all I have to say is, St. Louis and future cities, brace yourself for this awesome packed show coming your way!