Field Day Recap, Yellow Team Style

Yellow Team, OH YEA, Pac That!! Wo wo wo wo!

I thoroughly enjoyed having the option to participate and watch the Field Day events at Summer Camp. It was a great option to have a great time and make friends when I didn’t have any acts to catch. Summer Camp is the only festival that I’ve been to who offers these fun events. I really enjoyed being able to participate with the YELLOW TEAM not only because of the keg party at the end, but because I made many more great friends with not only my teammates, but with the other teams as well. But what really made the icing on the cake is when I heard that I won MVP of the females for Yellow Team! So awesome!

One of the events that I watched was Yellow Team’s match of tug-of-war against the Purple Team. I couldn’t participate since we had too many participants, but I made a great cheerleader, yellow pom poms and all!

Here’s a look at the Yellow Team looking all TOUGH at of tug-of-war

In the end, we lost to the Purple Team…

Next up was arm wrestling, and I participated in female arm wrestling (since I’m so buff and all)

I was the first one up against the participant of the Red Team…I’m not going to lie, I was a tad scared. Here’s some pics from my match

Here’s Red Team against Blue Team

And then Red Team’s final defeat against the Purple Team

Next up was the male wrestling match and the best moment for the Yellow Team! My main squeeze Adam volunteered to be our male participant.

The Red Team and Blue Team started it off. Here’s a look at the Red Team defeating the Blue Team.

And now the Yellow Team defeating the Red Team

And the win for the win! Yellow Team defeating the Purple Team


The Purple Team contestant didn’t believe that he lost, so he challenged our Yellow Team participant many times after it was over, but the Yellow Team won each time.

Next up was dodge ball! First our team played against the Red Team, we easily defeated them with 4 people still in the game on Yellow Team. Then we played against the ever-strong Purple Team for a chance at the win. We were doing fantastic at catching and dodging the Purple Team’s throws, but before I knew it, I the LAST one left of the Yellow Team! I’m not going to lie, I was frightened especially since I had 5 strong males starring me down like a piece of meat (just wish I had a picture of that!). I was dodging balls left and right, but eventually one of their teammates was able to catch one of my throws. Which lead to the win of dodge ball for the Purple Team.

Lastly, I watched the final field day contest, the PIZZA EATING contest. Each team needed a male and female contestant. The females had to eat 2 large slices (1/4th of a pizza) and the males had to consume 4 slice of the pizza (1/2 of a pizza).

Here’s a picture of our strong and hungry yellow team participants ready to CONQUER!

The Blue Team originally didn’t have a female participant, so I was the stand in for a while (I really just wanted some free pizza, plus who can pass up a free HOT meal at a festival?!….NO ONE!), but luckily, they found a girl standing nearby to be the female participant in for the Blue Team.

The way the pizza eating contest went was the female participants had to finish their slices first, and then the male participant on their team could start eating their slices. Once it began, the females were at neck and neck, but the Purple Team’s female participant pulled ahead easily with her strong determination. The Red Team wasn’t far behind, until we caught their participant putting hiding some of her pizza under the table, so Red Team was disqualified from the pizza eating contest. The female from the Purple Team was able to finish her pizza first, and then her male counterpart began to ravenously eat his pizza. Eventually we all were waiting around too long for the rest of the male opponents to start on their slices, so the refs just went ahead and gave the Yellow and Blue male participants the okay to start.

In the end, the Purple Team conquered. Leaving our Yellow Team with only win, which was in male arm wrestling. But at least we know we’re the “STONGEST” team there! Ha!

Then the next day was the 312 keg party! It was so much fun meeting back up with my fellow Yellow Teamers and reminiscing about all of the great memories we had of the events that we participated in. I also got to meet and have fun with the participants on the other teams. I had a blast being apart of Summer Camp’s field day events (especially since I won MVP female for yellow) and I can’t wait for next year! (When Yellow Team will conquer all!)

Love, hugs, & thugs,