How to get your Head Right after Summer Camp Music Festival

Settling back into the day-to-day shenanigans after leaving a festival is difficult to wrap your head around. After caravaning to the woods to nestle into a tent city with hundreds of like-minded, music-loving gypsies and letting your guard down to kick it old school in the woods for a few days– life back at the local Wa-Ho or the mind- numbing 9-5 just doesn’t feel so gratifying. Your heart is singing with the clamor and glee of a five-year-old who just got back from a romp around the playground in his shiny, new Fisher Price-mobile. Your mind is reeling with vivid images and memories of the glorious, utopian underworld you just emerged from– a world where men aren’t afraid to saunter around sans boxer briefs in a kilt and women don feathered boas and tiny mermaid tops all day. So, what do you do to ease the mind back into the earthly world while maintaining the glorious you that dreams of a realm where people only wear rainbow-colored leg-warmers and magnificent dinosaur suits and dance and laugh until the sun comes up? Here are my  Top 5 Sure-Fire ways to keep your Mind Elevated and your Heart Skipping Sweet Bass-Rift Beats:

  1. If your house is not already an oasis, where Bob Dylan posters, colorful tapestries and Christmas lights don every corridor, then make it happen. Your home is your own getaway island so if it doesn’t make you want to mix up a margarita, close your eyes and rock out in your under-roos then it may be time to update yo’ living quarters my friend.
  2. Rawk out! Seriously. This may sound like a no-brainer but I know a lot of people who go days without really jammin’ on some funky tunes. Throw your favorite record on and let it fly!
  3. Wear whatever you want to! Again, this may seem like a childish suggestion and one that we all may think we live by, but that’s simply not true. Even if you have to wear a uniform to work, make that bitch yours. Bedazzle it, tag it with your favorite flair. Believe it or not, you will feel a little more like you and less like a walking puppet.
  4. Buy a baby pool and throw a party. This is an order. Summer simply is not here until you have a source of water to make you feel like you’re five again- sprinklers are nice too!
  5. Throw a costume party. Keep the spirit of music, art, passion and creativity coursing through your veins by throwing a silly party with friends and strangers. The reason that home-away-from-home felt so good is because you let your wild side out, discovered uncharted islands in your soul and met people from around the world who did it all with you. Do it again! Throw one in your back yard, rocking that sweet dinosaur outfit, chillin’ in the baby pool with Umphreys McGee (or whoever gets your rocks off) blasting! Party over here my friend til’ Summer Camp 2013!