Festival Totems ~sHaKe eM~

Summer Camp Totem Love

"I am Tiki Totem & I came to get down"

I’ve been to festivals and seen the crowd swarming with colorful, intricately decorated comic book characters and childhood heroes, but Summer Camp really put the totem love on the map for me this year. As I grooved and moved my way through the masses, making my way from one show to the next, I stumbled upon one old friend after another- from tye-dye care bears and naked women made out of PBR (okay, that’s not an old childhood friend- really) to Pee-Wee Herman and Martians~ the Scamp crew representatives were in full force for Summer Camp 2012. Check out my totem spotting below:

Totem Love

Care Bear Staaaaare”  (and the glorious little creature he’s walking to meet)


“Giraffe’s get down too, ya’ know, especially to BoomBox”


“Oh, hello there mate. Today, we’re going to sneak up on these friendly gators.” (Too much…too soon?)


“Face melt friends getting down to the UM sounds”


“Party on Scampers! Time to get your dancin’ partner ready for next year! Til’ then…”