Private Drum Lesson with Vinnie

As I have mentioned, I couldn’t believe how nice and welcoming everyone was. In particular, Vinnie seriously touched my heart with his kindness. I am an aspiring drummer and have always admired and looked up to him; at one point when I had a moment I approached him and asked him a wide array of questions and requested some tips on improving my skills. He not only answered them all and gave me inspiration and encouragement, he actually sat down with me on two separate occasions and gave me a private drum lesson. Vinnie was patient and sweet and he is just SUCH a cool guy; it was the most special moment of the weekend. I missed GUC’s late night set to get the second half of my lesson and don’t regret it for a second. THANK YOU SO MUCH VINNIE!! I had actually bought a pair of drumsticks in the hopes that he would sign them for me and told him that; but he didn’t sign them, instead, Sunday night after their last show he gave me the sticks he used during their last set and signed them, writing “you rock Maria” – tears are swelling up in my eyes as I write about this. I can’t express how much it means to me. Thanks again Vinnie – you’re amazing.