CIT Abby’s top 10 memories of Summer Camp 2012

Well folks, we did it.  And as a Summer Camp veteran, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was possibly the best Summer Camp yet!  Here are the top 10 things I loved about this year….

1.  Nobody’s set got rained out this year.  Whew!

2. The collective screams of approval when Umprey’s McGee started playing Tom Sawyer.

3. Moe. and Umphrey’s light shows.  Duh.  I mean, you can be stone cold sober looking at those things and still be in a total trance.

4. The look of joy on some guy’s face when I told him he could have my extra Saturday late-night wristband for free.

5. The dude taking a dump in a bucket right underneath the Moonshine stage arch. (Hey, I didn’t say these were pleasant memories, but that will surely not be forgotten!)

6. A dog named Akimbo.  I have no idea what his owner’s name was, but I ran into Akimbo easily 6 times this festival and he always was having fun!

7. Water guns.  Everywhere, all the time, all shapes and sizes.

8. Sunrise kickball with Ryan Stasik.

9. Warren Haynes sit-in with G. Love & Bob Weir sit-in with Primus.  Absolutely fantastic.

10. When I got back into Chicago, I saw 3 separate groups of Scampers within 5 blocks of my house.  That’s the thing about Summer Camp – you take it home with you.

Until next year, loves.