Sunday Funday – a dance party recap

If I could quickly sum up Sunday’s experience it would be: dance party.

I peeled myself out of my tent around 9 (the latest I’d been able to sleep all weekend), got ready, and headed over to the Summer Camp offices to load up pictures and blog posts.  When I got there, I found out that I’d been cleared to interview Michael Franti after his set that afternoon.  I spent a few minutes freaking out with excitement, and got to work on prep.

Around 3 I met up with some buddies at moe.’s acoustic set on the Starshine Stage – so much fun!  They kicked it off with St. Augustine, which is a favorite of mine, and the dance party began.  At this point in the day, you could really tell that the heat index was well over 100 degrees, so a big thanks goes out to all you nice festies who were smart enough to bring Super Soakers to spray the crowd… we really appreciated it!

"I don't usually go to festivals, but when I do, I go to SUMMER CAMP!"

After moe., I took a short break to collect myself in time for the Franti interview, and headed over to his set.  I spent about the first 3 songs in the VIP area (thinking I didn’t want to get too dirty or sweaty before meeting him), but quickly it became apparent that this wasn’t going to happen — dance party #2!  We rushed to the middle of the crowd, kicked off our shoes, and got down to some amazing tunes.  About halfway through, Franti popped up with a makeshift stage in the middle of the crowd, right near where we were standing.  It could not have been more perfect; it was like out own little performance.  That’s what I love about Franti – he brings people on stage, comes into the crowd, and generally makes every show feel like a community experience.  After the set, I got my big interview, which will be posted on the site sometime this week… let’s just say, it was a dream come true and I am still smiling about it.

Next up, it was time for Pretty Lights.  I’ve seen him before and although I’m a fan, we had planned just to stop for a little bit before moving over to Galactic.  But once we were in the crowd, we knew we had to stay… dance party #3!  Somehow, a group of people had managed to take over one of the golf carts and use it as a party platform… how this happened, I have no idea. But they looked like they were having a ball, so we joined in.

We walked over to Jane’s but stayed way in the back so we could scoot back to Moonshine quickly and catch moe.’s last set from up close.  It was a perfect set and – as expected – dance party #4!  We danced the night away sharing swigs from a bottle of Jameson and soaking in the last bits of Summer Camp… because, as always, it just went too fast.