I have been absolutely DYING to catch GUC since I heard they got together. Disco Biscuits + Big Gigantic + Conspirator + Underground Orchestra + RAQ = AMAZING!! They’ve only played two shows before this one and I wasn’t able to make either, so this was one of the shows I was just itching to watch. So much so that I request to be on stage for it.

GUC side stage – The lead up to this show had more buzz backstage than anything I’ve seen so far at the festival, the stage was literally bouncing to the bass. You could see the chemistry between the band members (who have known each other “forever”). An eye here, and a nod there, lead to jams that had the entire crowd bouncing around the entire time (which was quite the feat since the temperature was around 95 degrees during their set.) After a food break and an equipment check the guys were cool enough to spend 15 minutes with me “interviewing” them. I put “interview” in quotes because the group dynamic these guys have together doesn’t lead to many spots where you can ask a question. They really feed off of each other behind the scenes. It’s easy to see how that translates to their chemistry on stage. This group of friends really enjoys chilling and hanging with each other off stage, and it shows on stage.