Ch-Ch-Changes: What’s new at Summer Camp this year

Alright fellow campers, for those of us who have been here over the years, you’ll notice a lot of new stuff this year.  Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

  • RFID chips in your wristbands –  this year we’re high-tech, and you’ll need to get scanned in every time you enter or exit the park (for VIP, every time you enter that section as well).  Throughout Thursday, there were some congested lines as the staff were figuring them out… turns out, if your arm is too close to the person next to you, it has trouble reading them.  So basically just don’t all shove your wrists together to get scanned.  That said, I’ll have to assume this helps crack down on folks sneaking in for free – so, this will help keep out ticket prices down for the fair paying customers.  Hooray!
  • The great Sunshine / Campsite switch – we knew this one was coming when the map was released, but the relocation of the Sunshine stage is a pretty big move.  What I do like about it is the better sense of community when you’re walking from stage to stage.  Rather than having campsites way out on the perimeter, more people can be in the heart of the action (even if you didn’t get a prized forest spot).  Jury’s still out on what it will be like during shows though… I could see some pretty tough traffic moving from Moe @ Moonshine to Umphrey’s at Sunshine without the straight path through.

New camping area!

  • Information Boards!  –  this has already saved me at least 5 times this camp.  As you’re walking through, look for the information boards with a big schedule posted, any workshops and activities (like Field Day), weather and other updates.  These are also featuring “Missed Connections” boards (a la Craigslist)… did you catch eyes with a gorgeous hooper this weekend?  Share a beer with a studly man and didn’t give your number?  Summer Camp Missed Connections has you covered.
  • Camping Stage – what seemed in years past as a little tricky to find and a real small set up has legit stage quality this year.  The camping stage has moved, they’ve gotten a great setup with a proper viewing area, and even some serious decorations.  Check it out!

Zeta June @ the Camping Stage