Saturday morning kickball with Ryan Stasik

If you’re particularly good at staying up all night (or waking up really early), you can catch sunrise kickball on Saturday.  The sun was already up at 6am when the group converged on the grass towards the back of the Sunshine Stage viewing area, and about 200 people were there and ready to play.

The game is ON!

I stayed mostly on the sidelines – the collective outfield, really – where you main job is to catch any ball that comes your way.  The mad dash to get on deck to kick was pretty impressive each inning, and I’m not entirely sure how teams went (or really if anyone cared).

The real gem of kick ball is Ryan.  Ready to rock in a red kimono and a speedo, he twirled his mustache before throwing out pitches (side note, he’s a really good pitcher).  The crowd loves him, and couldn’t wait to show off their skills and earn a high-five or a hug from him for a job well done.

It’s not easy to make it to morning kickball, but if you ever find yourself stumbling from the Red Barn back to your campside and the sun is coming over the horizon, toss down a Red Bull and head over to kickball for an hour.  You’ll be happy that you did!