Saturday, Day of rest.

I have come to find out that Summer Camp is much much more than just the music, as each day goes by I realize the importance of community and the connection we all have with each other. I woke up in a daze, with only about 2 hrs of sleep and basically stumbled on over to finish up another days worth of blogging. About mid way through I found that Rebelution was playing over at the Sunshine stage. I was only able to catch 20 minutes of them but man, they were great! I really love Rebelution. They have that super catchy sound that can make anyone groove. I spent most of my day just chillin at the campsite playing at my practice pad watching the beautiful people go by. I went and checked out Gigantic Underground Conspiracy and wow, their drummer just tears it up! After that I was able to see both sets of Moe. and Umphrey’s McGee. Umphrey’s played a kickin’ cover of Tom Sawyer. Overall, Saturday was quite relaxing. Summer Camp is really what you make of it. If sitting around and relaxing is your thing, cool. If your really into show hopping, go for it. There are so many things to be doing that there’s no way you can be bored here. There’s just no way! As for Sunday, I think it shall be my day to just live and let go. It’s the last day of Summer Camp. Gonna take it for what it is and live it like there’s nothing else. I hope all you Scampers will do the same!