Learnin to live the scampin way.

Twas Friday, Friday. We were getting down on Friday! Waking up sure was a task but as soon as I got a little bit O’ chicken on a stick I was ready to get going. Now I didn’t get to see any shows until Ozomatli which was at 4:15 due to some blogging activities and such, but when I saw them I was thoroughly surprised. I have never heard of them before but now I’m a fan. Trumpet player was getting down with a little bit of feedback from the crowd and their guitarist, oh man he was on fire! They are just a fun band to watch. I recommend you guys to look them up. Next up were the legends, Weir, Robinson, Greene Acoustic Trio. Really laid back feel, big difference from the previous energy of Ozomatli but sometimes you just gotta kick back and take it easy, relax and get lost in the sound. After checking out some acoustic stuff it was time for some Boombox. This was the stuff to dance to and get crazy. They had an amazing set that there was no way I could stop movin my feet. We checked out Umphrey’s McGee for awhile then went on over to Gogol Bordello and my wait on them was so worth it. These guys are by far one of my favorite bands at Summer Camp. Primus and then Lotus were next on the list and honestly this is where things get a little hazy. I’m just gonna leave it at that and tell ya’ll to have a beautifull Saturday! Much love!